Comment Policy

Comments are fantastic and we strongly encourage you to comment whenever you have something to say.

Interaction and two-way conversation are what make things like blogs work well. Unfortunately there are a few people who want to use comments for disruptive purposes so we need to set down a few guidelines.

The “name” field is for your name – don’t use it for your company name or SEO keywords. Please use a real name or a consistent nickname so we know who we’re talking with.

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Comments would never be deleted or censored just because you disagree with what’s written in the article – respectful debate is half the fun! But there are some other common sense guidelines that you’ll need to follow:

  1. Don’t spam.
  2. Don’t make personal attacks. Attacking an idea is fine (“Your idea is dumb because…”), just don’t attack the person (“You are dumb!”).
  3. Don’t post anything that infringes somebody else’s copyright or is illegal in some other way.
  4. Don’t swear.
  5. Your comment must have at least some relevance to the post.

If your comment does not appear and does not fall into one of these categories – please contact me.

- Ricky Buchanan