No Pity City uses the supplier Zazzle to physically create and distribute our shirts, as well as collecting payment. No Pity City then receives a royalty and referral fee for each piece ordered.

Zazzle currently has manufacturing and distribution plants in four countries: Zazzle USA, Zazzle Canada, Zazzle UK, and Zazzle Australia. To save on postage, import taxes, hassle with customs, and uncertainty due to currency changes it’s best to order from the location nearest to you. There should be no difference in quality or what’s available from the four locations as they are centrally owned and managed.

But I Live Somewhere Else!

If you live in country where there’s no Zazzle outlet, simply order from the outlet nearest to where you live. So New Zealanders would order from the Australian shop, and those in Europe from the UK shop. The UK shop accepts payments both in British Pounds and in Euros to make it simpler for European customers to order there.

So just choose the Zazzle that’s closest to you, and shop to your heart’s content!

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