Ordering Information

This page contains important information you will need to know about ordering, shopping, apparel sizing, styles, and so forth. We strongly suggest you read it before ordering!

The links on this page will take you to information kept on the Zazzle.com site. Please use the BACK button on your web browser to return to this page once you have finished reading the information.

T-Shirt & Apparel Information

Money Matters

Ordering by Phone

  • The Zazzle website is quite visually oriented and full of JavaScript and other things that have the potential to be disability-unfriendly. If you get thoroughly stuck by the website and are in the USA then it’s possible to order by phone rather than use the website.

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  1. colin

    ive been having trouble reading most of this site, as i see it, its a black text on top of a dark blue back gound, and ive hed to turn my brightness and contrast all the way up, so i could bearly read to even fill in this leave a rely section.

    As i was very keen to have a better look the CFS sucks T shirt, but all i got was a great pic, but i just couldnt read anything else from that page, only the pics of the Tshirts, all other text is out of sight.

    Best regards.


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