Mature Content

You automatically create an account with Zazzle anytime you order a shirt from us, as they’re the folks who manufacture our shirts, mail them, and deal with most of the accounting as well. Usually this is something you’ll hardly notice, but Zazzle has very strict rules about ‘mature content’ which includes anything featuring swear-words.

If you want to order any of the shirts which contain swear-words, it is necessary to update the settings on your Zazzle account before you do it, so there’s an extra step you need to take.

Simply go in to the My Zazzle settings page and then alter the ‘Maturity Level’ so that you can view R-rated material - the website will tell you what to do. Note that you have to follow the above link and go through the steps twice before you’re actually set up to view R-rated shirts, the first time it will ask for your credit details and alter your authorization, the second time it actually sticks (it won’t ask for credit details again).

I know this is a huge pain, and I would really rather it was easier to order these shirts than this … that’s why I don’t make many shirts with swear words on them!

By the way, you don’t need to stress about this. It won’t unleash a huge torrent of R-rated spam or anything. It just lets you view and purchase the shirts I have which Zazzle thinks have ‘mature content’ and must protect your innocent little eyes from. If the idea bothers you, then when you’re done ordering your shirt simply follow the above link again and set it back to ‘G’-rated and it’s just like when you began.

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