Chronically Happy!

A shirt to display to the world that you’re chronically happy and proud of it too! Chronic happiness isn’t something that just “comes to you” if you have a chronic illness or disability do deal with, as well as all the usual trials of life, so it’s definetely something you *should* be proud of!


The shirt is written in a non-serif font and the slogan - "Chronically Happy!", one word on each line - is centered. The colouration is a vertical rainbow centered over each line so the centre of each line is the center of the rainbow. It's very pretty and definitely fits with the "happiness" theme of the slogan.

Shirt Type

This light coloured shirt can be ordered in many different styles, colours, and sizes for men, women, and kids. Long and short sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts, etc. Yours can be very different from the one pictured!

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