Handle With Care – Feeling Fragile Today Tee Shirt


Sometimes we just don’t feel as “gung ho” and “out there” as the slogans on some of these shirts. I decided I wanted to design some “more gentle” slogans for those days that people needed some TLC and this was my first try.


The slogan for this shirt is, "Handle With Care! Feeling Fragile Today." The first phrase is printed in a regular sans-serif font with a slight up-down-up curve in it, the curve moves the letters about half their own height at the maximum. The letters are coloured from light blue at the top of each letter shaded down to a light blue at the bottom of each letter. The second phrase, "Feeling Fragile Today." is printed in a sans-serif font with curved ends to all the lines rather than straight ends. The colour of the text is medium blue and it's underneath the first phrase.

Shirt Type

This light coloured shirt can be ordered in many different styles, colours, and sizes for men, women, and kids. Long and short sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts, etc. Yours can be very different from the one pictured!

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2 responses to “Handle With Care – Feeling Fragile Today Tee Shirt”

  1. Chally

    This is really sweet.

  2. Andy

    I’d quite possibly feel like hugging who-so-ever was wearing this. it looks like a “need a hug” shirt

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