Heart Disease – Not Something For The Faint Hearted Shirt

Heart Attack … Heart Infarct … Coronary Artery Disease … Vaso-vagal Syndrome …

Heart disease. In whichever of it’s multitude forms that you have it, it’s certainly no picnic.


he slogan for this shirt is, "Heart Disease - Not Something For The Faint Hearted." The typeface is Garamond, an elegant serifed font. The words "Heart Disease" are on the top line, in a blood-red colour. Each other word in the slogan is printed in black, with one word on each line, and all the lines are right-justified. The printing is lined up on the left half of the shirt - above the heart!

Shirt Type

This light coloured shirt can be ordered in many different styles, colours, and sizes for men, women, and kids. Long and short sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts, etc. Yours can be very different from the one pictured!

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One response to “Heart Disease – Not Something For The Faint Hearted Shirt”

  1. Andy

    I think this is a great slogan, Funny. Witty. Wish I’d thought of it.

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