4 responses to “I Have Dis … T-shirt”

  1. Nance

    Haha I love it!

  2. Annie....

    My all time favourite. An awesome shirt!

  3. Leslie

    Very funny! :-D … but also needs a lot of mental strength to wear it if you’re really dyslexic…

  4. Anne

    Leslie says “also needs a lot of mental strength to wear it if you’re really dyslexic”. I see her point but as a dyslexic I am really out there about it. I think it takes much more mental strength though to go through life acting out that all is well and you don’t have severe problems that you struggle with daily. One of my dyslexic sons discloses and one doesn’t. The one who discloses leads a much more relaxed life, especially in the workplace, and takes every opportunity to educate people about dyslexia in general and always points out that it has nothing to do with IQ or ability. Great shirt Ricky!

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