My Next Wheelchair Will Be Really Big

For anybody who’d rather a Big Stompy Tank of a powerchair to a little flimsy super-lightweight manual chair, and isn’t afraid to say so!


The slogan for this shirt is in 2 straight lines, with a row of pictures in between. The slogan is light blue and in one of those rounded over-inflated-baloon fonts and reads, "My Next Wheelchair Will Be Really Big." Between the two halves, in the middle, is a computer-crosshatched picture of a large, chunky, big, powerchair facing left, done in black, and two small and skinny stereotypical "manual wheelchair" glyphs on fluoro green, pointing to the right.

Shirt Type

This light coloured shirt can be ordered in many different styles, colours, and sizes for men, women, and kids. Long and short sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts, etc. Yours can be very different from the one pictured!

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