This Is What An Insane Person Looks Like

Do you have the guts to wear this shirt and “out” yourself as a person with mental health issues? It’s a great shirt to remind the general public that no, they can’t pick an insane person by sight, and that yes, insane people really do act perfectly normally most of the time in most situations.

And it’s fun to use to get in people’s faces with, too!


The slogan for this shirt is, "This Is What An Insane Person Looks Like." The writing is spread over three lines, with the centre line containing the words "Insane Person" in a fire-engine red font with tall, bold, chunky serif'd letters. The top and bottom lines, by contrast, use black print and an rounded italic hand which looks similar to very neate handwriting.

Shirt Type

This light coloured shirt can be ordered in many different styles, colours, and sizes for men, women, and kids. Long and short sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts, etc. Yours can be very different from the one pictured!

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