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Keyboarding Under the Covers

It’s still very cold down here in Melbourne, so I have figured out a way to put my keyboard under the bed covers. Now I can type and keep my hands warm at the same time!

A keyboard adapted for using under the blankets


Gardening With A Disability

Geraniums in my garden

Geraniums in my garden

Down here in Melbourne, Australia it’s midwinter. It’s dark and cloudy and blowing a gale today. In short, it’s about the opposite of perfect gardening weather. I’m thinking about gardening anyway though. I love gardening, although at the moment about the only kind that I can do is “remote control gardening” – telling other people what I want done and being bossy while they do it.

I spotted a link today on twitter from the Christopher Reeve foundation about Gardening from a Wheelchair. It led me to more web searching and surfing for information about gardening for those with disabilities. (more…)

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No Pity City – Now In Australia and Canada Too!

The flags of Australia and Canada on a flagpole in front of forested mountainsThe good news for today is that our distributor – Zazzle – has opened manufacturing and distribution centers in Australia and Canada to go with their existing centers in the USA and the UK.

This fantastic development means many more of you can order our gear in your native currency and with much lower postage charges! (more…)

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